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4 Safest and Effective Ways to Use the Brakes on a Motorcycle

Braking may seem easy, but people are not aware that there are lot of factors involved which they need to get hang of by practicing. Remember that brakes are the essential system on your motorcycle and hard to have a knack for, but totally worth the practice. Ace the art of braking and save your life.

  1. Stay safe

People aren’t aware of the fact on how fast their bikes can stop. Also, keep in mind that your front brakes will never send you over the handlebars but can land you in a quick stop. The major force of braking your bike is in the front. Braking must always be progressive. In other words, squeeze but never grab your brakes. You need to squeeze on the front brake lever, step on the rear bike pedal slightly in the beginning and then harder. The harder it is, the longer you may have to brake. This gives your moto usagé a change to balance the weight to the front wheel and compress the suspension. It renders your braking effective.

  1. Here is what is important

Here comes the tricky part, particularly on the forward leaning sort bikes, always practice all kinds of braking without clinging or bracing yourself on the bars. When you weigh the bars, you cannot turn them. Every motorcycle works well when handlebars are free to turn. All you have to do is, squeeze the tank with your knees and hold your body up with the help of your core. When you do this, you will notice a difference.

  1. Practice is all you need

When driving in a protected area, you must always practice is coming to a complete stop as fast as possible from faster speeds. Always have a keen observation to the feel of your brakes and the noises your tires emit in this very case. Very soon, you will be easily able to gauge the braking force by the behavior of your motorcycle and the howling noise your tires make. Always keep your feet on the pegs until your bike is stopped and never ignore the downshifting when you brake.

  1. Speed back up

Once you have a complete, and controlled pace at the first gear, practice slowly but not stopping. There may be times when you had to brake hard to prevent a collision but get the hell out so as to not getting hit from behind. Slow the bike then speed it up again. Pull the clutch when braking hard, tap the shifter with enough pause in order to be in a proper gear for rapid speeding at any second. This is how to gain downshift timing. You can slow down and speed up like a pro.

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