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Epic website where you can get car factory service manuals for free

EAST Automotive Archives, popularly known as Workshop Service Manual is a web-based solution for all automobile queries. This free platform for the automotive workshop, repair, and factory service manuals was first launched online in 2002. When they started, their purpose was to provide authentic, updated automobile information to the public for free. They believed that once companies discontinued their older models, the useful information in their respective manuals was forgotten, therefore, they wished to preserve this information for owners of these cars.

Talking about first impressions, the website’s main theme has a specific color palette of black, white, blue, oranges, and grays. Visually, it is a simple graphical user interface with all information divided into column components. Furthermore, when compared to its competitors this website also follows a similar pattern of layout and the companies of which the manuals are available.

Quite like one of its popular competitors, this website also loses its charm due to an old-school box-like web design that takes away from its visual experience and user satisfaction. This website’s lack of aesthetic has also been compensated for by its smooth functionality.

Their website consists of comprehensive manuals with information that is divided into sections. The vehicle’s specifications, repair, and maintenance guides, and detailed wiring diagrams are all neatly divided into sections, so they are easy to navigate. Furthermore, each manual has step-by-step instructions that can be easily be understood by any layman. The additional visual aid in the form of photographs of the car’s components adds value to each section and guarantees that repair and maintenance jobs can be carried out with efficiency.

EAST Automotive Archives promises to deliver automobile repair and service information quickly to anyone who is in need. Their website follows a simple title bar that is common to all pages and the extensive database. Their homepage displays links to Latest Workshop Service & Repair Manuals along with the Latest News. Furthermore, the website allows users to browse by make and model.

In line with their promise to provide information quickly, EAST Automotive Archives provides over 200 free car workshop repair and factory service manuals for over 100+ vehicle models and 29 manufacturers. All their manuals are in PDF format so they can be easily viewed on your browser or an Adobe Acrobat reader. This also makes browsing on phone a possibility since buying manuals online requires you to download special virtual machine software to access the manual.

WorkshopServiceManual.com also warns users of scams like those on eBay that require customers to pay in exchange for PDF manuals and vow to make all this information available online for free. It is important to note that when you compare their database with those of their competitors, we have concluded that all these websites are lacking in some way shape, or form.

While WorkshopServiceManuals.com may have more service manuals for one automobile company, it may lack in another. With the like of Holden, Ford, and Nissan, it is safe to say that all these websites collectively work to ease the car technician and enthusiast community who get access to a plethora of information for free at their fingertips.

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