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How Forklifts and Telehandlers provide Versatility

Forklifts and telehandlers are used to add a touch of versatility and flexibility within myriad industries and sectors. Here, we have put together a brief guide to both, and how they can help you make the most of your situation and budget. Working with plant hire companies is the best way to ensure that you have access to the highest quality of equipment and machinery, as well as the correct model of forklift, telehandler, or both to suit your specific needs and requirements.

A forklift is a type of machinery that is used to move heavy materials and items. With the aid of forklifts, construction workers, and those working within heavy industry in multiple areas, have been able to move heavy items, debris, and materials a lot more easily than in the past. For large construction sites where materials must be moved quickly and safely from one area to another, the addition of forklifts to a site prove demonstrably more effective for the success of a project.

Forklifts help a workforce to become more productive, and to lessen the risk attached to lifting heavy items and moving heavy objects around site manually. A forklift is one of the easiest machinery on site to engage with and drive around. They are generally extremely compact in shape and size, can fit in tight, small areas on any site and in any location, and can be turned in various directions in a simple fashion. Not only this but depending on the model of forklift you are working with, you could experience the lifting of loads up to 35,000 pounds, with many smaller forklifts with the capacity to carry around 3-5,000.

With the use of forklifts companies can move goods, items, debris, and other materials around quickly, reducing the need for extra manpower, lowering costs, and helping logistically when items are required to be lifted to a higher location.

A telehandler is a similar lifting machine that incorporates a telescopic boom and a fitted lifting attachment. The telescopic boom is what differentiates it from a forklift, providing it a crane-like capacity and feature. The boom can extend both upwards and forward, making it an extremely versatile machine, with several attachments available to be fitted to the end of the telescopic boom.

Attachments can be mounted easily and help with a wide variety of tasks and situations. Telehandlers are widely used within construction, infrastructure, and agriculture with lift heights of up to 50-feet or even more in some cases. Pallet forks can be fitted to help with heavy lifting and with the assistance of plant hire specialists you can ensure that not only do you have the correct model of telehandler or forklift to assist you with the tasks at hand, but that you also have access to the very latest, and most effective forklift and telehandler attachments. With this sort of invaluable knowledge and guidance by your side you can certainly maximise the positive impact of a forklift or telehandler on your site, no matter the sector.

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