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Way to Improve Fuel Economy in a Diesel Engine

Gas prices have been dropping over the last few weeks, a small financial relief for those in the transport industry. Diesel fuel is more costly than regular, but it provides better fuel economy than regular gasoline. If you want to stretch your dollar as far as you can when filling up, consider implementing these fuel-saving tips for your personal vehicle or company fleet.

Reduce Start Times

Though you need to warm the engine a bit before setting off, excessive warm-up times pull a lot of fuel from the tank. Reducing your idling times to conserve on fuel.

Make Adaptations

You can change out parts on your engine in order to improve the air intake and create more efficiency with your fuel. A 7.3 powerstroke turbo is a good-sized upgrade to add to your engine.

Avoid Revving the Engine

It can sound good to rev the engine when moving between gears, but you are burning through fuel unnecessarily. Try to get into the next gear slowly to help conserve fuel.

Feel the Breeze

With spring bringing some fresh breezes to the drive, let your window down and rely on the natural air conditioner. Your truck’s air conditioner consumers a lot of fuel, so keeping it off as much as possible helps you save.

Rely on Shore Power

Whenever possible, try to connect to shore power to cool your vehicle when you are stopped. Also knowns as truck-stop electrification, this tactic could save you over three thousand dollars a year.

Avoid Complete Stops

Don’t run through a stop sign or plow through an intersection, but if you can avoid coming to a complete stop, you can save on fuel. Try to anticipate changes in the traffic lights or in the traffic on the road to where you can slow down rather than come to a full stop. By extending the amount of space you keep between your truck and the vehicle in front of you, you will have more reaction time to braking or stopping. Less stopping also leads to less acceleration, which helps your fuel go further.

Drive Conservatively

You might have places to go and things to deliver, but lowering your average highway speed makes an impact on your fuel economy. For every mile per hour you drive over 55, you are lowering your fuel economy by one-tenth of a mile per gallon. Over the course of your distance, this can really add up.

By being smart with your driving, you could save thousands in fuel costs each year. Follow these tips to get more fuel efficiency from your diesel engine.

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