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Why are Side by Side Vehicles or UTVs Popular?

Utility task vehicles (UTVs), also known as side by side vehicles, are getting more and more popular. Used to be considered a barn tool used by farmers for moving fertilizers and other farm produce, these vehicles are now being used as vtt cote à cote  for ripping through a trail without breaking a sweat. But, how did these vehicles get so popular quickly? Keep reading to know the answer:

They Can Go Anywhere

UTVs can be used for different purposes including the following:

  • UTVs have a lot of farming and agricultural accessories. You can get hay dollies, mowers, tillers, plows, cultivators, livestock feeders, sprayers, and others. On top of this, you can still tow or haul anything that is a reasonable weight with a smaller side by side than a truck.
  • Hunting. UTVs come with substantial hunting accessories. You can get gun racks, camouflage covers, bow racks, powerlifters, noise reduction exhausts, and others.
  • Rock crawling. This activity is not for everyone. You must ensure your UTV is outfitted with the best and safest gear around. You must invest in suspension seats with 4 or 6 point harnesses, skid plates, tyres, safer and stronger roll cages, high clearance A-arms, and more.
  • Racing. For this activity, you will need 4 to 6 point harnesses, suspension, and all types of other accessories. When you upgrade your vehicle for racing, you will need to take care of many things such as engine work and aftermarket parts.
  • Trail riding. This activity involves messing around with different terrain and obstacles. You will have to upgrade some parts of your side by side or just go bone stock as long as you add a winch in case you get stuck somewhere.

They are Available in Different Sizes and Purposes

UTVs are available in different flavors and sizes. You can find one for nearly any occasion. Below are the three kinds of UTVs available on the market:

  • Sport UTVs. These vehicles are designed and tuned from the factory to go as fast as they can over terrains. Manufacturers produce performance models made with distinct suspensions and mean aesthetic looks.
  • Utility UTVs. These vehicles are designed to offer plenty of utility. You can use them for towing, pushing, hauling, and pulling nearly anything you need for their size.
  • Sports utility UTVs. These blend both of the other kinds of side by side that can do a bit of everything. They come with better shocks and more speed for riding around on terrain at a faster speed.

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